Adding atools features using templates

Although the modifications required to use atools are fairly simple, they involve some steps that my be unfamiliar to the casual user.

acreate adds everything required to use atools effectively to an existing job script. By default, it will insert the PATH redefinition to use the atools commands, and the logging of start and end events. Suppose the original log file is called bootstrap.pbs, then the command to generate the file annotated for atools is:

$ acreate  bootstrap.pbs  >  bootstrap_atools.pbs

If aenv is to be used, in addition to logging, you simply add the --data option:

$ acreate  --data data.csv --  bootstrap.pbs  > bootstrap_atools.pbs

The default shell is the one specified in the configuration file, but this can be overridden on the command line using the --shell option, e.g., if bootstrap.pbs where a tcsh shell script, you would use

$ acreate  --shell tcsh  bootstrap.pbs  >  bootstrap_atools.pbs

It is also possible to supply your own template instead of the one provided by atools in the tmpls directory using the --tmpl option, and you can use your own configuration file with --conf.

Help on the command is printed using the --help flag.