Change log

Release 1.4.2

  • Workaround for data files that have only a single column.
  • Fixes in documentation and example.
  • Fix in autotools file that impacted installation

Release 1.4.1

  • Bug fixes for installation of body reduce mode.
  • Bug fix in areduce for actually using body mode
  • According to principle of least surprise, changed installation default mode from csv to text.
  • Regenerated configure.

Release 1.4

  • Added acreate command to automatically add atools features to a job script.
  • areduce can now pass arguments to empty and reduce script for to make implementations of non-trivial cases more generic.
  • Added body reduction mode to arecude.
  • Improved installation procedure so that fiddling with the configuration file after installation is no longer required.

Release 1.3

  • Added unit testing for all modules.
  • Improved installation procedure, now uses autotools.
  • Added documentation.
  • Bug fixes to aload.
  • Implemented --rm_orig in areduce.

Release 1.2

  • Added aload to easily analyze load balance and task run time distributions.

Release 1.1

  • Added areduce to easily aggregate individual task output into a single file.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Release 1.0

  • Initial release.